ID / Contractor Selection

Let’s summarize :

* ID from Linewerkz : Discussed with them during one of the expo exhibition, total quote was 65K and missing many items. We dropped this during the first quotation.

* ID Loyd Pek from D Home : Emailed on 24 July and met up in his office on 28 July, know him from renotalk and quite like his design style but he was quite busy and will be out for a month. We didn’t continue to follow-up with him as we believed that he cannot meet our tight budget.

* Contractor Alan from Aian : Emailed on 24 July and 1st met up on 4 August and 2nd met up on 4 September. He was quite popular in renotalk and many recommendations .. but my husband didn’t have click with him although I quite keen to work with him. His quote was quite reasonable except the L box price.

* ID Kelvin Teo : Emailed on 24 Jul but I cancelled the meet up as I believed our budget will be too low for him to design for us .. though I quite like his works.

* ID from Summit Design : Emailed on 26 July and 1st met up on 27 July and 2nd met up on 9 August. The ID we met was quite a young and pretty lady :p . The final quotation still not able to meet our budget .. a bit higher compared to contractor – 32k without including carpentry works.

* ID from Artistroom : Emailed on 28 July and 1st met up on 1 August at their office. Was recommended from one of the t-blog owner, we didn’t go further for 2nd meet up because we understand that their price was in high side and their design might not suit us. They are very “artist” and can have many special ideas.

* ID New Nyew : Saw her design in renotalk and impressed with her works. Emailed her on 28 July and meet up at her place on 2 August. During the meet up, she brought us to see other units that she has designed. Both me and my husband quite keen to work with her but overall quotation was on high side .. Too bad that we cannot work with her due to our tight budget.

* ID Jimmy from 3D Innovative : My husband was the one who emailed him on 31 July, and we met up on the same day. He was also one of the ID highly recommended in renotalk and his quotation was at good price which can meet our overall budget of 45K. His revised quotation was sent 2 days later after we confirmed with our current contractor .. else we probably will sign up with him.

* Contractor Kevin Tee : Very popular in renotalk, others called him as Mr K. Emailed him on 5 August and meet up on 14 August .. as expected, his quotation is over our budget and we didn’t proceed further.

* Contractor Sky : Recommended by my friend, he helped her to do her place and was quite okay. We only contacted through email and phone, no chance to meet. Quotation is still higher than our budget.

* Carpenter Ah Tong : Recommended by my colleague. Emailed him on 5 August and meet up on 9 August National Day. Immediately confirmed him after received his quotation on few days later … he also provided some 3d hand drawings and his price was quite reasonable as compared to IDs and contractors. We decided to engage him to do all the carpentry works for our new home.

* Contractor Ah Huat : Recommended by my colleague, he helped her to do for her mother’s place. Emailed him on 18 August and 1st meet up on 16 August. We meet him again on 5 September after received his quotation. His quotation didn’t breakdown into different items and most are lump sum into one amount, quite different from other quotations that we have received. And everything is written in Chinese, he was not good in paper works. Overall quotation was very close to Jimmy from 3D Innovative, which able to meet our budget of 45K including carpentry works .. and at the end we confirmed with him to be our contractor for all the demolition, masonry, plumbing and electrical works.

Some other IDs that I have considered including : Inside Living, EHKA, Fervor Design, FSI, Fuse Concept, Museum ID … but I didn’t send any emails to them, quite tired to meet so many IDs.

In summary, we shortlisted our contractor based on quotation given due to tight budget of 45K. i.e. have no opportunity to get an ID to do renovation for us. Using contractor will need ourselves to do design and on-site management, my husband almost everyday going to site. There is no guides or advices given when choosing tiles etc and we have to go by our own to shop for stuffs … i.e. there is pros and cons of hiring contractor vs hiring ID. Will give more reviews again for our contractor Ah Huat and carpenter Ah Thong after our house is done .. to be continue.

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